Obtain your Pennsylvania medical marijuana card in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Make Appointment Online

Schedule your telemedicine appointment. New patients $150/Recertification $100 (money back guarantee, minus credit card processing fee, if not certified due to not meeting critera for state qualifying conditions)

Make Appointment Online

Step 2: Register with PA Dept of Health

Visit the patient and caregiver registry on the official PA medical marijuana website medicalmarijuana.pa.gov to create your patient profile. Record the patient identification number assigned to you after successful registration and bring it with you to your consultation. For more information on what your will need to register, click here.

Step 3: Physician Consultation

Provide your state issued Medical Marijuana Identification number and any medical records you may have to the physician at your consultation.

Step 4: Payment to PA Dept of Health

Following physician certification return to the Patient and Caregiver Registry to pay for your medical marijuana ID card. You will be charged a $50 fee (or less if you qualify for certain low income state run programs). Your card will arrive in approximately 2 weeks after payment is made to the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

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Schedule your appointment online and begin the steps towards your medical marijuana card. New Patients $150/Recertification $100. Make Appointment